What To Know About Roofing Before Installing A New Roof

Roofs are an important part of your home; it protects your property, keeps water out and everything inside dry, and essentially makes your home livable. Unfortunately, roofs can also be a costly structure to install, replace, or repair. Minor repairs may not cost much but when you reach a point where you have to replace your roof, it is never easy on the wallet. Typically, a roof replacement will cost you a few thousands of dollars. 

what to know about roofing

When planning a roof replacement, however, you’ll need to think of more than just the costs. If you decide to opt for the cheapest option you find, you might end up regretting it right after. Or, even worse, you’ll end up paying more in the long run.

To help you out, here are some things that you definitely need to know before you get a new roof.

Look Around

Picking out a good roofing contractor can be difficult. Roof replacements are usually needed every 20-30 years, with more premium properties needing a replacement after much longer. This typically means that not many people get replacements in their lifetime; thus, many roofing contractors rely on getting new customers instead of repeat customers. This also means that customer satisfaction is often not the main priority for most contractors.

Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to look for cheaper options. What other contractors end up doing is hiring lower-skilled workers or using subpar materials to also lower their bids. You end up getting low-quality materials and labor, which ends up spelling a ton of trouble for your roof. The best way to vet your options for contractors is to ask your neighbors, friends, and other people you know who have had their roofs replaced. Checking out other customer reviews and looking into the reputation of a specific contractor may seem like a lot of time, but when this can help ensure that you get the best quality in your area, it will be well worth it in the long run. 

Don’t be afraid to look around. Most contractors offer free assessment services and provide quotes for labor. As a homeowner, you don’t have to feel pressured to hire someone because they have taken the time to visit your property. 

Tear Off – Don’t Overlay Layers

A quick and cheap way to get a new roof is to install a new layer of shingles over your old roof. While this may give the illusion of a new structure, all the same problems that have built-up on your old roof are still there; they’ve just been masked with this fancy new layer. When getting a new roof, tearing off the old materials is recommended.

Adding a new layer, or overlaying, is one of the easiest methods to “replace” your roof. However, overlaying has several long term disadvantages. One of which is that it effectively masks some damage, which should be addressed instead of covered. What happens is that this damage can worsen from the inside, affecting your home and roof foundation and possibly causing collapse or other problems over time. Another issue with overlaying is that it will be more expensive to actually replace your roof in a few years since the roofer has to tear off 2 layers instead of one. Lastly, maintenance is also made more difficult with extra roof cover since roofers will not be able to assess your property properly.

Read The Contract and other Paperwork

When you’ve already picked a contractor, set all the plans, and have everything ready, you might find that you are already in the clear and only need to wait for them to finish the entire project, which should take roughly 3 or 5 days for a typical home with asphalt shingles. But, before you let anyone get to work on your property, you need to keep yourself safe by going through the paperwork. This can be a tiring and seemingly useless waste of time, but with anything that involves home construction and a ton of money, it is best to check all sides.

Aside from the contract you have with the contractor, you will also need a construction permit from your town. Usually, contractors process this for you but, if you want to avoid any penalties, you should check that you have the go from your town before getting anything started. You also need to go over the contract you have set with your chosen roofing contractor. You may have already discussed and clarified things with them verbally, but having it all on paper is a safety measure that you need. Lastly, a copy of your contractor’s insurance ensuring that the project is covered will make sure that you don’t end up spending extra for any damage or injuries on site. 

When getting a new roof, you’ll have to cover all your bases and those are just 3 ways to ensure that you get the best quality work and service done on your roofing Oklahoma. While the entire process may be exhausting, especially if you get really nitty-gritty with all the details, your efforts will not be in vain. 

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