Tornado Alley: Outlasting Wind Damage

windy fieldThe clouds pile up and the sky darkens: when you realize a storm is rolling in, what comes to mind? Storms can be accompanied by a wide range of dangerous elements, but strong winds can occur with any storm at any time of year. To help you prepare and protect your property from the effects of wind damage, we briefly walk through the basics here.

Wind does not gust over a surface evenly. The edges that are subject to the initial impact of the wind experience a higher wind pressure than the center. This holds true on a roof as well: the perimeter of the roof sustains the highest wind pressure and often the most damage, as the center of a roof is largely shielded from the impact of the wind.

The Damage Process

When wind pressure is strong enough to slightly lift the roofing material, wind is able to blow in underneath and peel the material away. Having your roof regularly inspected is the most recommended method of combating wind damage: a trained roofing professional will able to detect damage that commonly goes unnoticed by the untrained eye.

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