Storm Preparedness: Plan Ahead

Oklahoma tornadoOklahoma is prone to rapid changes in weather conditions, so planning ahead for extreme weather can be the difference between history and tragedy. Tornadoes, flooding, hail, high winds, and blizzards all pose serious threats to public safety as well as property. Here we have compiled some basic tips about storm preparedness in regards to your property and your family.

Weather Proofing Your Plans

Often, extreme weather strikes with hardly more than a half hour of notice, so weather proofing your home and your plans is virtually impossible in the wake of an impending storm. Preparing before weather strikes is crucial. 

Preparing Your Property

  • Install shutters over windows and be sure doors and windows close tightly. Secure gaps or loose fitting frames with nails, caulk, or weather approved tape as a last resort.
  • Designate a safe place to duck and cover in the event of a tornado or dangerous high winds. Your duck and cover area should be in an area free of windows, such as a closet or storm shelter. Sit on your legs with both knees on the floor, bend your torso down, and cover your neck with your hands.
  • If time allows, secure any loose yard equipment or furniture to lessen flying debris.
  • Plan an emergency evacuation route ahead of time, and prepare an emergency kit to bring with you.

Preparing Your Family

  • Always heed evacuation advisories and instructions from local authorities.
  • Create a family emergency plan that covers what to do in an emergency, even if family members are not home. Discuss insurance information, family communication, pet preparedness, emergency supplies, and an escape route.
  • Inform relatives or friends of your well being, or your departure if you are evacuating.

Remember, planning ahead for extreme weather can be the difference between history and tragedy. Always follow the advice of local authorities. If your home or commercial building sustains storm damage, call our team at 866-967-0140 for rapid repairs in Texas and Oklahoma!