Storm Damage

Roofing Storm Repairs

ugly storm cloudsOklahoma and Texas are no strangers to severe weather. From spring thunderstorms to winter ice storms, the weather can take its toll on your home or commercial building’s roof. We are here to assist you with repairing storm damage in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. We have years of experience handling storm repairs. Our roofing company offers free, honest roofing estimates, and we are committed to finding you the best storm repair solution available.

Common Types of Storm Damage

Hail Damage

Picture of stormOne of the most common types of storm damage to roofs in the area is hail damage. Hail is formed when the temperatures high in the atmosphere reach freezing levels, turning the water there into ice. When the ice gets big enough, it can wreak havoc on your roof; the damage is usually extensive and crippling for your roofing system. Unfortunately, hail damage cannot always be diagnosed easily from ground level. It is important to have a trained professional assess your roof for hail damage after a bad storm has passed through the area. At CCC Roofing & Construction, we understand the details of hail damage repairs because we are a locally owned and operated company. We ourselves have faced the inconvenience hail damage to your roof can bring to your home or business. Hail usually leaves large areas of your roof stripped of material and can even create holes through your entire roofing system depending on the hail stone size.

Wind Damage

Picture of damaged roof shinglesAnother frequent form of storm damage to roofing systems is wind damage. Wind gets created when the air over land gets heated faster than the air over water and the hot air rises while the cool air takes its place. When your roof is exposed to strong winds for an extended period of time, or is effected by forceful storm winds, you may face damages to your roofing system. Often asphalt shingle roofing systems are at the highest risk during strong winds. The shingles can be caught by gusts of wind and torn, loosened or ripped out entirely. It is important to have an expert inspect your roofing system after you have faced severe winds in your area.

Ice Damage

Another type of damage that can occur to roofs is ice damage. Ice damage, though not as common as sever weather damage to roofing systems in the area, is still a culprit during particularly harsh winters. When ice builds up on your roof it can compromise the roofing system resulting in roof collapse or cracking. If you believe an ice storm has damaged your roof, contact a roofing expert as soon as possible for repairs.

No matter what kind of storm damage you are facing, CCC Roofing & Construction is the best choice for storm repairs in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. We are a local roofing company you can trust.