Roof Repairs

A Quality Roofing Repair Company

Picture of damaged roof shinglesEvery home and business owner knows that even the highest quality roofing system will need repairs at some point during its lifetime. Damages can be caused by storms, aging, sun exposure, pests, chemicals and more. At CCC Roofing & Construction, we are here to provide you with quality roof repairs in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas for your home or business. From simple leak repairs to complete roof replacement, we have the expertise to assist you with all roofing repair needs across Oklahoma and Texas.

If you recently bought a new home, or you simply have never had your roof inspected, give our expert roofers a call today for a free estimate. We can help you assess your roof for damages. This is particularly necessary after a storm passes through the area. Roof repairs should never be postponed for long because even a small leak can compromise not only your roofing system, but your entire building’s structural integrity.

Some home and business owners are unsure of how to determine if roof repairs are necessary.

The following are some quick guidelines to help you assess your roof for damages:

  • Do you have loose or missing shingles? If you have a shingle roofing system, this is a tell tale sign of damages. Also, look for curling or rotting.
  • Are you suffering from interior water damages? If your ceiling is sagging and water is leaking inside your building, you should contact a quality roofing company immediately to assess the damages to your roofing system.
  • Has your energy bill fluctuated drastically? If you have a sudden increase in your energy bill, either from an increased need for heating or cooling, you may have a compromised roofing system. Damaged roofing systems will not function efficiently and you may be losing precious energy.

If you have noticed any of these signs of roof damages, give our experts a call for roof repairs. We can help you repair an existing system to ensure you receive the longest life possible from your roof.

Roofing Replacement

Picture of roofing replacementIf the damages to your roofing system are too extreme for simple repairs, it may be necessary to replace your roofing. Remember, at CCC Roofing & Construction we are committed to providing you with an honest assessment of the damages to your roof. We never suggest a roofing replacement unless the damages are truly severe enough to warrant this new installation.

For a roofing repair company you can trust, contact our experts today. We offer quality roof repairs in Oklahoma and surrounding areas. From simple fixes to roofing replacement, our services are unbeatable in quality and affordability. Call us today at (405) 473-2942.