Wood Shake Roofing

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Picture of wood shake roofWood shake roofing is an age old system, known throughout the years for its durability and natural beauty. If you are looking for a roofing system that incorporates organic charm and rustic appeal, wood shake roofing may be the system for you. We offer high quality wood shake roofing in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. Give us a call if you are interested in the installation of wood shake roofing for your home. Or if you already have a wood shake system in place, we will be happy to assist you with repairs and maintenance. Our goal is to ensure your home is beautiful, comfortable and safe for your family and friends.

Wood shake roofing is created from natural wood materials. It can be designed from redwood, pine, cedar and more. Cedar shake roofing is the most common form of wood roofing in the US and the shakes (or shingles) are traditionally formed by splitting, not sawing, the wood. The exact color and texture of each cut is different; because of this, each wood shake roof has a certain unique quality distinct from all others. In a way, this personalizes it.

Wood Shake Roofing Installation

Picture of wood shake roofing installationOne of the most important aspects of a long lasting wood shake roofing system is the quality of the installation. If your wood shake roof is not installed properly and with the utmost integrity, you will have a compromised roofing system. Being one of the top quality roofing contractor Oklahoma City OK, you can count on us for the latest in wood shake roofing installation methods. And, as with all of our labor, you know you can expect a high level of integrity and attention to detail from our roofers. Our goal is to install your wood shake roofing system perfectly so that it will provide durable protection for your home for many years to come. We also will work with you to find the right design choice for your home so that the value of your home increases.

We also offer wood shake roofing repairs and maintenance. When bad weather strikes, it is important to have a professional assess your roof for damages. Wood shake roofing is a durable and enduring system, but as with all roofing systems it requires the proper repairs and maintenance to continue to perform at its best.

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