Outlasting the Snow on Your Roof This Winter

wintry barnThere is something almost magical about watching snow blanket the ground, and a snowy landscape can make playing outside a real treat. But it is no secret that snow can have negative effects as well, on trees, power lines, and even our roofs. Here we walk through the specifics of snow damage to help you prepare your roof to weather this winter.

Snow can dump added weight onto a roof, causing your roof to shoulder a heavier load. Roofs are designed to carry a specific amount of weight, and if this limit is exceeded, the likelihood of damage or even collapse greatly increases. This is seen more often in aging or poorly maintained roofs, but it can happen to any structure given the right circumstances.

Snow can also cause damage as it begins to melt off a roof. The runoff water may encounter ice or debris on its way down, causing the water to pool up or search out an alternate drainage location. This often means that weak spots in your roof, especially around flashing and vents, are subject to this errant flow of water. Sitting or improperly draining water on a roof increases the chances for a roof leak.

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