How do I prepare my roof for fall?

Fall Roof Preparation

Picture of autumn leavesAs the weather finally begins to cool down and the days of fall begin, homeowners are afforded the perfect opportunity to prepare their homes for the cooler days ahead. At CCC Roofing & Construction we are committed to helping you keep your home safe and warm for the upcoming season. If you are wondering, how to prepare your roof for fall, check out our autumn roof preparation list below.

Step One: Clean Those Gutters

The first thing to do when preparing your roof for fall is to clean the gutters around your roof. Summer may not seem like the season that clogs up gutters, but don’t be deceived. Summer storms may have driven twigs, leaves and other debris into your gutter system. As autumn approaches and the leaves begin to fall, it is important to have clean gutters at the start of the season. This will prevent water build up on your roof which can cause serious damage to your roofing system.

Step Two: Check Your Vents

If you have a ventilation system in place on your roof, check those vents to ensure they are properly covered. As the weather cools, little critters may try to find a home in your ventilation system if it is not sealed correctly.

Step Three: Inspect for Damages

Look over your roof for any noticeable damages that may have occurred during the summer months. A damaged roof can not only cause leaks, but can also waste energy as the weather drops. Your roof should be in tip-top shape to ensure you are as energy efficient as possible through the fall months.

Step Four: Schedule a Professional Inspection

Picture of roof inspectionIf it has been a while since you have had a professional roof inspection, now is a great time to have a roofing expert take a look at your roof. A trained roofer can spot damages early on and perform simple repairs before the weather changes. Having a roof inspection done in the fall can prepare you for the winter months ahead.

Remember, we are always here to help. If you have any other questions on how to prepare your roof for fall, don’t hesitate to contact us at CCC Roofing & Construction. We will be happy to assist you with your fall roof preparation.