TPO Roofing

Quality Commercial TPO

Picture of TPO roofingTPO roofing is created from thermoplastic polyolefin. This single-ply roofing system is extremely durable and is often chosen because of its Eco-friendly attributes. If you are interested in exploring the option of TPO commercial roofing in Oklahoma City, give us a call.

We are well versed in the latest installation methods. Our team of highly trained and skilled commercial roofers can handle any size roofing project. And because we are experienced in commercial roofing projects, we know how to work around the scheduling needs of your company.

Why Choose TPO Roofing?

TPO roofing is extremely similar to PVC roofing, but is a newer, more economical and efficient commercial roofing product. Although it is newer to the industry (introduced into the market in 1990’s) it has increased in popularity rapidly.

Installation Methods

One of the greatest benefits of TPO roofing is that it is created with very few seams. Some people consider TPO roofing nearly seamless due to the width of the sheets used. TPO installation is performed one of three ways:

  • Fully adhered: This method is a popular method due to the ease of installation. Fully adhered TPO roofing is applied to a substrate (wood, steel, concrete, etc.) with a type of glue or adhesive.
  • Mechanically fastened: This method employs screws, nails, augers or other which are used to attach the membrane to a substrate. This is done through a mechanical process.
  • Ballasted: This method of installation is losing popularity, but it employs a component such as gravel, pavers, or vegetation to hold the roofing material in place.

If you are considering the installation of TPO roofing, contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have about TPO roofing and we will help you choose the best installation method for your commercial building. We also will help you choose only the best in TPO products. We have excellent relationships with our vendors which allows us to provide you with premium TPO products at affordable rates.

For quality TPO commercial roofing in Oklahoma City, contact CCC Roofing & Construction. We are the commercial roofing name you can trust.