Metal Roofing

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Picture of a church commercial roofA growing number of commercial building owners are turning to metal roofing because it is a durable, enduring roofing option. If you are in need of installation or repairs for metal roofing in Oklahoma City or across Oklahoma and Texas, contact CCC Roofing & Construction. We are a metal roofing company you can trust. Not only do we provide high quality products at affordable prices, our installation services are also unbeatable. We take the time and attention to detail necessary to ensure your metal roof lasts for years to come.


Metal roofing has been an industry proven roofing system for many years. An ancient roofing system, metal roofing can be created using strong metals such as copper, steel, aluminum and more. Copper metal roofing has been known throughout the years for its aesthetic beauty, as it ages and naturally galvanizes. But the benefits don’t stop there. The following are all reasons metal roofing is a highly coveted commercial roofing system:

  • Durability: One of the best reasons metal roofing is chosen is because of its endurance. Metal roofing withstands weathering and aging extremely well and has a much longer life expectancy than many traditional roofing systems (such as shingles).
  • Fire Resistance: Metal is a naturally fire resistant material which makes it an excellent choice for commercial and industrial buildings due to its Class A fire safety rating.
  • Hail Resistance: Although people often think a metal roof would dent easily in hail, in reality the metal used in roofing systems is extremely strong and very hail resistant. This makes it a superb choice in storm ridden areas such as Oklahoma and Texas.
  • High Reflectivity: Metal roofing has been recognized again and again for its Eco-friendly high rate of reflectivity. The naturally reflective surface cuts down on heat absorption in your commercial building, leading to lowered energy bills.

Quality Installation & Repairs Services

If you are interested in the installation of metal roofing, feel free to call one of our roofing experts today. We can answer questions about the roofing system, help you choose the right product and provide premium installation services. Or, if you already have a metal roof in place and it is in need of repairs, give us a call. We can send a roofer to your property to inspect the roofing damages and find you quality metal roofing repair solutions.

For the best metal roofing in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, call CCC Roofing & Construction. We will be glad to assist you with metal roof installation, repairs or maintenance.