6 Tools to Make Cleaning Your Gutters Less of a Hassle

Nobody likes cleaning their gutters. Still, it has to be done; when they get clogged water pools on your roof and causes damage. Fortunately, there are some tools to make the process go easier. Here’s 6 examples:






1- Ladder:

You have to get up there somehow. If your ground is level, you can use a free standing ladder. If not, an extension ladder is necessary. Make sure not to lean it against the gutters, as this can bend them out of shape. 

2- Garbage bag:

Throwing all the leaves and debris on the ground just creates more work for later. Hang your garbage bag on your ladder for easy access.

3- Gloves:

Using your bare hands is a bad idea; there are often jagged pieces of metal that can cut them up. Find gloves with both a high level of comfort/mobility and enough thickness to keep your hands protected.

4- Gutter scoop:

When you don’t want to get your hands dirty, use a gutter scoop. They resemble a small spade and fit perfectly into your gutter to clear debris. When shopping to buy one, ensure that the handle/grip fits you well.

5- Gutter robot:

Technology is well on its way to doing our job for us. We can now buy gutter robots that clean our gutters via remote control.

6- Gutter guards:

Instead of cleaning your gutters, why not just stop them from getting dirty at all? Gutter guards stop leaves and other debris from building up. 


These tools are great for making gutter cleaning easier. For any roofing-related questions, give CCC Roofing and Construction a call at (866) 967-0140.